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Vincentia Dental Care offers the following services: 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. They attach to the existing natural teeth by a clasp. Two types of partial dentures are available:


  • Cast metal

  • Acrylic


Metal dentures are stronger, less bulky and cover less tissue area.  Acrylic dentures are bulkier, cover more tissue area and are usually temporary.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are required when you have no natural teeth as a result of a birth defect, deformity, accident or decay.


Full dentures replace all teeth, provide a natural look and help with masticating food. Dentures also provide support for the face, especially around the mouth, lips and cheeks.​​

partial dentures
full dentures

Over time, retention of dentures can worsen due to bone loss. To make the denture retentive, osseointegrated implants are placed into the bone. They act as an anchor, holding your dentures in place with a screw or a locator, which clicks onto the implant.

overdentures, over dentures
Denture Relines and Repairs

Dentures that are loose can be relined. A reline is giving a denture a new surface against the tissue, with a firmer fit.


We offer denture repairs as well.


Denture relines or repair can be done in a few hours, giving most patients confidence that they won't be without their dentures for too long. We offer 24-hour service if there is a need for extracting a tooth and adding one to an existing denture.

Call us to discuss how we can best help you with dentures

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