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Vincentia Dental Care is an Accredited Dental Practice.


Accreditation is independent recognition that an organization and its service meet the requirements of defined criteria or standards. It provides quality and performance assurance for the owner and consumers.


QIP stands for Quality Innovation and Performance; it integrates National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards into a dental quality services system.


If a practice has achieved accreditation, it demonstrates their commitment to providing excellent dental care and continuously improving on these standards.


Accreditation is voluntary but when you choose an accredited practice you can be sure that you will receive high-quality dental care, from a dental practice, which adheres to strict protocols designed to ensure patient safety.


One of the most important protocols is infection control. At Vincentia Dental Care we strictly adhere to the ADA guidelines for infection control and use the latest equipment and techniques to protect our staff and to keep our patients safe.


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